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By using the services available on our website, we can use the information provided by you. If you ask us any question through e-mail, then we can use your e-mail address to reply to you.

We can share your information with them

To make your website effective, robust and better for your use, you can share your information with your vendors, consultants and other service providers, who are working with us who will need information to improve the site. . When required, your information can be given on request by constitutional body, law, court order, government or other legal agency. We will also do this only if we believe that these institutions need your information very much. In addition, we may provide information provided by you to protect the rights of any associate, colleague, employee, agent or office bearers.

If you want to stop getting information from our website, then do this:

Whenever you get information, email updates and newsletters from us, the method of ‘Opt Out’ will also be given in the same email. By following the instructions in the email, we can stop the information being sent by us. But we would like to inform you that even after your “Opt Out” we will send you other types of e-mails which will be related to the use of our website and use the information given by you under this Privacy Policy. can do.

This is how we keep your personal information and information safe

We make necessary arrangements to protect your personal information or information from misuse, misuse or unauthorized use. At the same time, we would like to inform you that there is no way of safeguarding with the efforts to secure the information given by you, which can guarantee that no one can interfere or misuse it. can do. In such a situation, we advise you to be alert to protect the privacy of personal information. Do not share your password with anyone. If someone uses our website fraudulently or in any way with your password then it will be your responsibility. If you feel that your password is being used incorrectly, please inform us immediately.

Policy that applies to third party site links

We can use the link of any other website on our website, in such a situation, if you click on that link and go to the third party website and give your personal information asked there, then your information directly Goes directly to the third party. In such a situation, the rules of the third party’s privacy policy will apply. We advise you to read the privacy policy of that website carefully before sharing information on any third party website. You can contact us by email at about our privacy policy or method. We will definitely reply to your mail.

All these conditions and rules are subject to the laws of the country, especially the IT Act 2000 and the rules made from time to time thereafter. Any part of this policy which is not in accordance with the Act will not be considered and will be excluded from the policy. Under these rules you are using our website. The jurisdiction of any dispute in this regard shall be the court of New Delhi.

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