Railway: After about two and a half years, unreserved coaches to be restored

Railway has removed the board of Covid special train running for about two and a half years. Now all the trains have become normal express and passenger trains as before. With this, now passengers without reservation in the normal bogie of long-distance express trains will be able to travel on ordinary tickets as before. Railway Headquarters has issued an order for this.

After the letter received from the Railway Board to the Samastipur Divisional Headquarters, all the stations and reservation counters of the division have been informed about it. However, DRM Alok Aggarwal said that for those who have already made a 2S reservation, their travel period will end, after that normal people will be able to travel in the said bogie. TwoS system has been abolished in Railway Division.

When the train service was started after the lockdown in the first wave of Corona, then the Railways implemented the 2S system rule. Like, to travel in the normal bogie of express and intercity trains, the passengers had to make reservations in advance. Due to this if people suddenly needed to go from Samastipur to Hajipur, then people could not travel in the train. Entry in the train without reservation was banned. Due to this rule of railways, especially people living in remote areas were facing trouble in going to Delhi Mumbai.

No need to stand in line for reservation

With the end of the 2S system, the passengers will no longer be charged the reservation charge for traveling in the normal bogie nor will they have to stand in line for a reservation. He will be able to travel by taking a normal ticket from the normal ticket counter. In addition to the fare for the reservation in the long-distance normal bogie, an additional Rs 15 had to be paid.

After receiving the letter from Railway Headquarters, the 2S system has been removed in the division. However, after the expiry of the passenger period of those who have already made 2S reservations, passengers will be able to travel by taking ordinary tickets in the normal bogie.

-Alok Agarwal, DRM

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