BIHAR: Now anyone can become the owner of luxury vehicles standing in police stations

The days of the vehicles seized in the police stations are about to fade away. In fact, the Divisional Commissioner has issued an order to keep the list of seized vehicles ready in various police stations of Patna district, under which a list of vehicles seized in the police stations has to be prepared and on the basis of that list, two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles will be auctioned. Will. In the first phase, the vehicles of the year 2020 will be auctioned, after that other vehicles will be auctioned on the basis of the case execution.

Anyone can now be the owner of the luxury vehicles seized in the police stations. In fact, the Divisional Commissioner of Patna has ordered to prepare a list of thousands of vehicles seized in 67 police stations of Patna district. Under which the seized vehicles are to be released in the first year 2020 on a priority basis, after that there will be a sequential auction of the remaining vehicles on the basis of case execution and then you can become the owner of these vehicles. All the police stations are preparing their list in this regard, after which this list will be handed over to the district administration. After that, you can participate in the auction process by submitting the necessary documents like an Aadhar card, residential certificate, photo, conduct certificate. With this decision, not only will these vehicles get rid of the junk in the police stations, but the government will also get revenue from it.

At the same time, as soon as the news of the auction is received, some people have started reaching the police stations and gathering information about all the processes. Along with this, they have already started liking their favorite car so that they can become the owner of that vehicle after the auction. Here, the police personnel are also unhappy that due to the confiscated vehicles, there is a shortage of space in the police stations, the police have to deal with the lack of space to park their own vehicles. In such a situation, the policemen have also breathed a sigh of relief with this order of the administration.

Regarding the auction of seized vehicles, the mechanic also says that ‘the seized vehicles in the police stations stand in one place for four-five years, due to which their batteries, tires and other parts get damaged. After spending 25 to 30 thousand rupees, four-wheelers can again pick up speed on the roads, so these vehicles can be bought without any worries.

At the same time, Patna High Court lawyer Anandi Singh says that ‘there is a provision in the law that the seized vehicles should be released within the stipulated time limit, but due to delay in police report and complexity in legal procedures, expensive vehicles turn into junk. Praising this initiative of the district administration, Anandi said that with this decision of the district administration, the government would get revenue, police stations would get space and people would get a better car at a lower price.

This decision of the district administration is welcome because due to the non-auction of the seized vehicles, the government has to face the loss of revenue of crores of rupees. At the same time, due to the confiscated vehicles, the police station premises have started turning into the form of junk and the biggest thing is that due to this decision of the district administration, people who cherish the property of the vehicle will also get their car completed at a low price.

The auction process of vehicles is quite complicated. The process of disposal should be started after six months of the vehicle being recovered or confiscated in unclaimed condition. After the vehicle is seized, the police keep it on record under section 102 and inform the court about it. After getting directions from the court, the police make public the information about those vehicles from that vehicle by pasting pamphlets, advertisements, or through newspapers in public places. Even after waiting, when the owner of the vehicle does not come, then the judicial process is started. It takes a long time.

According to the data, more than 17 thousand two-wheelers are seized in 67 police stations of Patna district while the number of four-wheelers is above 8 thousand.

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