State Wrestling Competition: 230 wrestlers participate from Bihar, Bhagalpur dominates the second day

Bhagalpur dominated at the state-level under-15 wrestling competition on the second day of Bal Utsav-2021 organized at Kilkari Bihar Bal Bhavan, Bhagalpur. In the freestyle wrestling competition, players showed their strength in 38kg, 41kg, 44kg, 48kg, 52kg, 57kg, 62kg, 68kg, 75kg, 85kg weight categories, in which 230 child wrestlers from Bihar participated. Vivek Bhardwaj, joint secretary of Bihar Wrestling Association, held the post of the referee to encourage participating children.

After the end of the competition, a prize distribution ceremony was organized. The office-bearers of Bihar Wrestling Association honored all the Kilkari workers, including the chief guest, university outpost in-charge Rita Kumari, by tying a turban as per the tradition of wrestling. All the winning participants were honored with medals and certificates.

The stage was conducted by Vijay Kumar of the Bihar Wrestling Association. The vote of thanks was given by Kilkari’s Divisional Program Coordinator Abhilasha Kumari. On the occasion, Kilkari’s assistant accounts officer Shikha Kumari, Geeta Kumari and trainers Kumar Sambhav, Kundan Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Meenakshi Kesari, Suruchi Suman, Vikram Kumar, Devashish Pal, Mithilesh Kumar Das, Sirish Kumar, Sahil, Bihar Wrestling Association general secretary Vinay Kumar Singh, District Wrestling Association Bhagalpur President Sanjeev Kumar, Bhagalpur District Wrestling Association secretary Brajesh Kumar and a large number of people were present.


  1. In the 38kg category, Kilkari Bhagalpur’s Md. Afridi bagged a gold medal, Rahul Kumar of Purnia got the silver medal and Ayush Kumar of Kilkari Bhagalpur won the bronze medal.
  2. In the 41kg category, Kaushal Kumar of Bhagalpur bagged the gold medal, Rishabh Raj and Rajeev Kumar of Kilkari Bhagalpur won silver and bronze medals respectively.
  3. In the 44kg category, Zahir Rajak of Eklavya Center Kaimur won the gold medal, Jatin Kumar, a child wrestling player from Bhagalpur, and Amir Kumar of Kilkari Bhagalpur won the bronze medal.
  4. In the 48kg category, Eklavya Kaimur’s player Babulal Kumar won the gold medal, Saurabh Kumar from Patna got the silver medal and Ranveer Kumar from Patna got the bronze medal.
  5. In the 52kg category, Prakash Pandey of Saran won the gold medal, Sunny Kumar of Patna won the silver medal and Abhay Kumar of Gopalganj won the bronze medal.
  6. In the 57kg category, Aditya Raj of Patna got the gold medal, Sanoj Kumar of Katihar got the silver medal and Bhushan Kumar of Saharsa got the bronze medal.
  7. In 62kg freestyle wrestling, Sachin Kumar of Eklavya Center Kaimur got the gold medal, Suraj Kumar of Bhagalpur got the silver medal and Rajkumar got the bronze medal.
  8. In the 68kg category, player Rudresh Kumar Singh of Eklavya Center Kaimur won the gold medal, Alok Kumar of Patna got the silver medal and Ram Gopal Kumar of Nawada got the bronze medal.
  9. In the 75 kg category, Prince Yadav of Katihar won the gold medal, Rupesh Kumar Singh of Kaimur got the silver medal and Vishal Kumar of Bhagalpur got the bronze medal.
  10. Jatin Singh of Eklavya Center Kaimur won the gold medal and Karan Kumar of Bhagalpur won the silver medal in the 85 kg weight category of the state-level freestyle wrestling competition.

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