Muzaffarpur: Municipal Corporation to broadcast live meetings on its official website

The residents of the city will soon be able to see the proceedings of the municipal board meetings and the role of the ward councilors of their area sitting at home. The corporation will soon broadcast its meetings live on its official website. People can watch it on their mobile or laptop. Vivek Ranjan Maitreya, Municipal Commissioner has engaged the IT cell of the corporation with all its might for the required preparations.

The officials are engaged and devoted to making the corporation completely hi-tech. Till now there was no official website of the corporation, whereas the government had given instructions regarding this a decade ago to all the bodies in the state. The government had also provided the necessary equipment for the same, including a large number of computers, but it could not be pushed any further. The city commissioner has taken note of this. Firstly the official website of the corporation has been launched. All the information of the corporation will be put on the website and shall be available for everyone’s access. Now with the help of this, the meetings of the corporation will be broadcast live. The general public will be able to know what happens in the meetings. It is being done to make everything more transparent, convenient, and accessible to the masses.

Currently, on the official website of the Muzaffarpur Municipal Corporation, people can access and apply for building permission, land development, first appeal entry, contract bill payment, etc., under various sections under the citizen services section of the website.

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